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Television, stereo, camera systems, wiring. Call me and schedule a service call. With 15 years experience I have seen it all. Excellent customer service at a fast and affordable rate.


Building or remodeling your house is a great opportunity to run wire for future systems. I am familiar with all low voltage system and can prewire your house for: cable / sat / network / phone / surround sound / distributed audio / security cameras / alarm and entry systems.

TV Installs

I can install your TV and hide your wires. If your desired TV location is stone, brick, concrete, tile, wood, or sheetrock, I can handle it. I have creative solutions to hide wires and improve the look of your TV.

Distributed Audio Systems

If you are looking to fill your house with background music, or you seek night club quality sound, I wire and install the equipment to match your audio needs. My systems are network based systems that provide music streaming services and are controlled and managed by your smart phone or tablet.

Surround Sound

A surround sound system will improve your movie watching experience. elegant surround sound solutions with minimal aesthetic impact will turn your room into a hidden movie theater. I offer custom solutions to provide for your audio quality and video streaming needs.

Dedicated Theaters

Take your movie watching to the next level. I install projectors, projection screens, theater seating, speaker systems, and acoustic treatment. Transform a room in your home to a dedicated theater.

Camera Systems

I provide camera systems to match your budget. All camera systems include recording capabilities, night vision, notification options. All camera systems can be viewed on your smart phones, tablets and computers. All camera systems can be viewed remotely.

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