About Scotty

In 2006, I began work as an apprentice technician with one of the leading integration companies in the San Francisco bay area. For 10 years I worked with and learned from an exceptional team. We were installing technology in some of the most exquisite homes in Marin County, Sonoma County and San Francisco. I was fortunate enough to work with a company that exposed me to a variety of clients, exceptional custom home builders, and sophisticated systems. I quickly learned the importance of customer service, professionalism, and organization.

In 2016, I began working with one of the top electrical integration companies in the North Bay. For 5 years I worked with an exceptional team learning the difference in clients, systems, and process.

I evolved as the industry evolved and began to design and manage system installations on my own. I got my contractor's license and started AVPRO in 2018. I now manage AVPRO full time in the Folsom Lake and Foothills area. My goal is to provide a seamless and professional installation of your technology needs

AVPRO Philosophy

We believe that most people just want to watch tv and listen to music. Beyond watching tv and listening to music, the most desired features are video doorbells, surveillance cameras, and interactive thermostats. All these features require a strong network. Our suggested system consists of a robust wifi and wired network, distributed audio, streaming video with surround sound, interactive video doorbell, surveillance cameras, and smart thermostats. These systems are app controlled and can be managed and serviced by the client.