We had AVPRO come and prewire our 140-year-old house that we were remodeling for sound, television, internet, and security.  When the remodel was about finished, AVPRO came and installed the final components for a Sonos sound system, wall-mounted TVs with surround sound, home office ethernet, cameras, and a home server.  Their work was spectacular, professionally completed, and beyond our expectations. And the cost was totally reasonable. I highly recommend AVPRO.

Craig C

We have built homes in the past and just finished building our final home, our dream home. AVPRO worked with our builder to design and wire our AV system. They wired the whole house during construction and included wiring for future systems. We wanted tvs, surround sound, multi room music, cameras and an alarm system. They provided and installed everything. Scotty was so easy to work with, he helped us decide on the features and products, he provided all the equipment and showed us how to use everything. He even helped us put all our passwords in and got our music and movie streaming services set up. Out of all the subs we worked with, we enjoyed working with Scotty the most. We are so happy to finally have a system that works.

M Clark

We build custom homes and do remodels. We’ve been working with AVPRO for over 5 years and love having them on our projects. They do clean work in a very professional manner. They are responsive, always answer my calls and take action when needed. All my clients love them and love what they do. It’s nice to work with a sub contractor that you don’t have to worry about.

Johnny L

I have only written one review prior to this one, so understand I only review if the person exceeds my expectations in every way, and Scott sure has exceeded my highest expectations. We have been so disappointed in most "experts" that we have hired to do work for us, so when you find one that is awesome it is such a pleasant surprise. We had a ton of ceiling speakers that were original to the house and terminated in a jumble of unlabeled wires so I knew it was beyond me doing the work.

I wanted full surround sound for the TV, the stereo speakers hooked up, additional speakers added, the remote control completely programmed and yes all of the wires hooked up. Scott suggested the components based on our budget. He made quick work of identifying and labeling the wires and the unique challenges of our system didn't slow him down. He had to rewire the TV to enhance its capabilities (the wires run through a cavity around our fireplace…so not an easy task).

He spent two days dialing in the specific sound we were looking for. He was extremely patient and thorough in explaining all of the specific instructions of how to use and he made it all automatic for us. He helped with loading the apps on my phone and going over how to control everything from my phone.

He has been unbelievably responsive in our calling him for added instructions and when we had an slight issue with one of the units he was quick to just exchange it for a better unit. He got it installed in minutes and then took thee old unit back to his shop to talk with the manufacturer…rather than haggle with them when he was at our house he just did the right thing without being asked. That is what you get with Scott…you get someone that just plain does the right thing, takes his profession seriously and is that one in a million "expert" that actually deserves the title. You will definitely be happy hiring him for any electronics needs you have.

Chris J